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German BioImaging

List of Facilities and Research Groups in Germany

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German BioImaging (GerBI) is a national network of microscopists and imaging specialists supported by the Dfg logo schriftzug blau.png. Established in 2010, GerBI aims to advance the field of microscopy through fostering interaction and information exchanges within the German BioImaging community.

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How To Take Part in German BioImaging

German BioImaging warmly invites all German microscopists to participate in the network. The first step is for individual imaging core facilities and research groups to register and create their own GerBI sub-page via our interface. By doing so, your research group or facility will be included on the List of Facilities and Research Groups and marked on the "Map of German imaging core facilities and research groups". In order to contribute please request an account and log in. If you require further help or assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Anonymous editing of the wiki is disabled to prevent spamming.

German BioImaging also provides a mailing list which facilitates contact between members of the German BioImaging network. In order to prevent spam, emails are only distributed from email-addresses subscribed to the mailing list. Please subscribe to keep informed about new developments relevant to the German BioImaging community and future opportunities or events.


German BioImaging becomes the German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis!
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  • [2017-10-3] German BioImaging microscopy centers throughout Germany participated in the "Maus Türöffner-Tag" on 3rd of October, and gave more than 200 children an insight into the world of the very small - the microcosmos.
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  • [2017-7-19] German BioImaging is happy to offer travel grants complementary to the short term scientific missions (STSMs) supported by the Network of European Bioimage Analysts (NEUBIAS). Scientists with an approved STSM, who want to extend their visit to learn more about and apply the imaging methods pertinent to their STSM project are highly welcome to inquire with German BioImaging for a travel allowance in the frame of our Job Shadowing initiative.
  • [2016-1-15] A proposal for a distributed and coordinated national infrastructure offering open access to very advanced bioimaging technologies has been submitted to the Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF). With this document, the "German BioImaging-Research Infrastructure" seeks inclusion into the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures. The GerBI-RI proposal is available from our restricted download area. The password to complete the download can be requested from the GerBI office via email.

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BioImaging Facilities in Germany

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