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GerBI-hotline 2.png
At the Annual Community Meeting 2013 in Fulda we decided on offering a "Hotline" for scientists and facility managers where they can report about problems in financing the repair and maintenance of equipment. This is also the topic of an interesting article "Großgeräte und das liebe Geld" which appeared in the February issue of the Laborjournal.

These issues are not openly presented to funders like the DFG, so that, officially, they do not exist. In equipment grants, applicants rather assure that maintenance and repair costs are taken care of by their home department or institution, although this quite often becomes a problem and limits instrument usage.

PIs have also complained to Facility managers about funds allocated to microscopy fees being cut from their research proposals.

The "Hotline" is meant to collect concrete examples for such difficult cases. The information will be handled confidentially, the cases will be anonymous, no personal details will be stored. In discussions with funding bodies, this database shall serve as a strong argument in favor of funding policies that take maintanance costs into account.

We encourage you to report to us any problem you encounter when trying to raise money for repair and maintanance in your facility or institution or when microscopy fees are cut from research proposals. If you would like to do so, please contact the Project Manager of German BioImaging by phone or email.