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Identification of new strategies and Funding schemes


  • Identification of new strategies and funding schemes
  • Clarify position of German facilities in the context of the german / european roadmaps
  • Lobbying & communication

Report to the DFG Joint Committee (Hauptausschuss)

Please download Elisa's talk here.
The Joint Committee is the DFG’s main decision-making body. It bases its final research-policy decisions that relate to the DFG on resolutions passed by the DFG’s Senate. These especially pertain to decisions regarding the DFG’s budget and the general development of its funding policy. The Joint Committee decides on the implementation of new funding programmes and on modifications to existing funding instruments.
The Joint Committee is made up of 39 members of the DFG’s Senate, representatives from the federal government (with a total of 16 votes), 16 state representatives and 2 representatives from the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and the Humanities in Germany.

Speech by Federal Minister Wanka: Relaxation of the ban on cooperation

Please find the speech given by the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, on the amendment to the Basic Law to relax the so-called ban on cooperation between the Federal Government and the Länder in promoting science here.

Infrastructure Professorship

The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat, WR) published Recommendations on Career Goals and Paths at Universities (Empfehlungen zu Karrierezielen und -wegen an Universitäten). In this document, the WR identifies Research Infrastructures as a new area of activity for qualified academics at Universities beside Research and Education. Heads of Research Infrastructures should be appointed at the level of professorships. The WR acted on a proposal from GerBI presented in the position paper “Infrastructure Professorship”. The paper is available only in German language.

Letter to DFG-Fachkollegiaten in Life Sciences

German BioImaging sent a letter to the DFG-"Fachkollegiaten" in the life sciences to draw attention to the possibility that user fees for microscopy core facilities can be applied for in DFG grants.