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Financial and legal framework

WG2 is aiming to provide a guideline for the application of:
  • Full cost calculation model development
  • Calculation of instrument usage fees.
  • Institutional differences
  • Existing cost models
  • Maintenance, warranties etc.
Please be aware that these financial topics are highly sensitive and that this information should remain internal.

Presentation during the Annual Community Meeting in Fulda (2013)

Hella Hartmann, Jan Peychl, Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters presented schemes that are used in their home institutions for the calculation of usage prices. Clear similarities as well differences were found.

Benefit of user fees

  • User fees are a tool, not the goal.
  • User fees may enable the shared use of research infrastructure in institutions with limited resources.
  • User fees are a transparent way of showing how much scientific work and instrumentation does cost.
  • User fees help sharing of research infrastructure between users and institutions.
  • User fees might enable collaborations with the industry.
The DFG provides guidelines on user fees in core facilities.