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This is a property of type String.

Canonical Facility Research Group and Facility Microscopy Research Group

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ALM MDC Berlin +Canonical Facility  +
ALMA +Microscopy Research Group  +
AMBIO +Canonical Facility  +
BIC +Research Group and Facility  +
BioDIP CFCI +Canonical Facility  +
BioDIP DZNE Imaging Platform +Canonical Facility  +
BioDIP EMF MPI-CBG +Canonical Facility  +
BioDIP Histo and EMF BIOTEC/CRTD +Canonical Facility  +
BioDIP LMF BIOTEC/CRTD +Canonical Facility  +
BioDIP LMF MPI-CBG +Canonical Facility  +
BioDIP TDS MPI-CBG +Canonical Facility  +
BioSupraMol at Freie Universitaet Berlin +Canonical Facility  +
Bioimaging Facility Marburg +Canonical Facility  +
Bioimaging Leipzig University +Canonical Facility  +
Biomedical Center (BMC) at the LMU München +Canonical Facility  +
Biotechnology-Biophysics Wuerzburg +Microscopy Research Group  +
Biozentrum der LMU München +Canonical Facility  +
CAi +Canonical Facility  +
CECAD Cologne +Canonical Facility  +
CFAM +Canonical Facility  +
CFI Halle +Research Group and Facility  +
Cardoso-Lab Darmstadt +Microscopy Research Group  +
Center for translational Imaging (MoMAN) +Canonical Facility  +
Core Facility Live Cell Imaging Mannheim, LIMA +Canonical Facility  +
DKFZ +Canonical Facility  +