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The Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision (Lehrstuhl für Bildverarbeitung, LfB) is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, RWTH Aachen University. Our research and teaching activities cover the whole range of image acquisition, image processing and visualization.

Our main research activities cover:

- Image Analysis, Computer Vision

- Feature Extraction, Pattern Recognition

- Visualization of Image Data

- Multidimensional Signal Processing

- Medical Image Processing

- Biological Image Processing

- Industrial Image Processing

Are you looking for a competent partner with many years of experience in any of these areas? Would you like to benefit from newest results of cutting-edge research? Our highly motivated team will be glad to provide innovative solutions, please feel free to get in touch!

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Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision – Lehrstuhl für Bildverarbeitung

Last updated: 2014-12-9

This Entity is a Research Group and Facility:

interested in joint research projects involving image analysis

Please visit the website: http://www.lfb.rwth-aachen.de


Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision – Lehrstuhl für Bildverarbeitung
Templergraben 55
52056 Aachen

Head of Group

Prof. Dr. Dorit Merhof
Position: Professor


  • Image Analysis (+)


Group Members