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Is there a need for image analysis? German BioImaging needs your opinion

The German BioImaging network would like to ask for your participation in an important survey regarding your image analysis needs / focus. You may have received an invitation to participate in a similar survey in February. This is the final invitation based on the outcome of the first survey which addresses anybody having to deal with microscope data, i.e. Biological / Medical research groups, Microscopy development research groups, Image analysis research groups and Core Facilities / Imaging Centers. The information provided by the survey will be evaluated to clearly identify the image analysis needs / focus of users / developers.

The purpose is to

  1. Index and provide existing image analysis solutions for the basic user
  2. Strengthen the development of user-friendly image analysis software within the image analysis community

in order to address the different needs of the broad user community with their diverse expectations.

Below is the link to access this survey, which consists of 10 questions and should only take 10 minutes to complete. Please answer each question as it relates to you.

Revised German BioImaging Image Analysis Survey

Please send a link to this survey to anyone who might be interested in it. For Core Facilities / Imaging Centers: Please distribute this survey to your users as well.

Thank you in advance for supporting this initiative. Your GerBI Workgroup 6